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3 main opportunities and trends for payout in Brazil
3 main opportunities and trends for payout in Brazil

Payout is a popular way of making payments for services by suppliers in the country. Learn about the opportunities to benefit your business with this modality

Nowadays, the world is increasingly connected, digital, and dynamic, which means that the way we do business is also changing, along with society. More specifically, with service providers and consumers a click or tap away, the economy is spinning faster, so businesses need to find ways to make their payouts for service providers quickly and with control. It is where disruptive payout solutions come in.

With a digitized economy and the growth of self-employed professionals in various sectors, foreign companies looking to do business in Brazil have a vast range of options for specialized suppliers ready to perform on demand. Payout is an excellent option to remunerate these workers, allowing companies to pay external service providers quickly.

Trends and opportunities: the new digital market

From app drivers to deliveries, from designers to maintenance professionals, from influencers to PRs: there is a large – and growing – world of opportunities for using skilled labour that companies can hire directly through digital. Gathered below are some industries that are on the rise and that companies can pay through specific payout solutions without difficulty.

Delivery Apps

Even in a highly digital world, some things need to be delivered in person, such as original documents, physical goods, and food; for them, delivery apps are the latest word in efficiency and ease of contracting. So much so that a recent report conducted by BoaCompra in partnership with AMI, America’s Intelligence Market, showed that 49% of consumers planned to expand their use of this type of service, given its convenience.

Professional service platform

Characteristic of the current moment of on-demand solutions, platforms for hiring specialized professionals help both suppliers and companies seeking qualified people for recurring projects and services. Developers, designers, copywriters, technicians of all kinds: the options are extensive and, with the current economic challenges, the trend is for this type of service platform to continue on the rise. For reference purposes, sites such as Workana, Fiverr, and Upwork have seen a 120% growth in job requests, a significant figure.

Social networks

This segment includes influencers, streamers, content producers, gamers, and others. It is growing as companies seek interlocutors with their audiences, figures who have good dialogue with their base and help bring the brand closer to the consumer. It is also a strong growth sector: taking into account only the gaming segment, Kantar estimates that Brazil will have 95 million players by the end of 2021, up from 81 million in 2019, representing $2.3 billion in revenue. Moreover, the products themselves are getting more sophisticated and professional – all the major soccer teams are forming professional e-sports teams.

It is worth noting that specific platforms also monetize their creators in a variety of ways. YouTube rewards large volumes of views, while TikTok and Kwai give incentives for inviting friends, views, and others.

Companies looking to operate in Brazil and take advantage of this great moment of digitization can count on a cutting-edge payout service offered by BoaCompra. It brings benefits such as:

  • Instant payment in local currency, speeding up receipt 
  • Your business is free from traditional international bank fees
  • Flexibility to define payout date, volume, and frequency
  • Overall transaction transparency
  • Offer of additional financial services, including insurance and training through PagBank

Therefore, the moment is ideal to grow in the country, and companies that have the right tools have the advantage of counting on the best professionals, doing business without bureaucracy with transparency and agility. Talk to BoaCompra and make the most of these opportunities!

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